At Union Vision Center, we’ve been “looking out” for your eye ware, including contact lenses, since 1981. If you don’t like to wear eyeglasses, our Certified Contact Lens Specialist, Mike Jubenville, can provide you with nearly every type of contacts available to suit your preference and prescription . . . including certain corneal eye diseases such as Kerataconus.

From daily or extended-wear soft contacts to disposable or rigid contacts, our expert staff will have what you want and need from the best suppliers and often on the same day! Color-changing contacts can be worn to change or enhance your eye color even if you don’t need a prescription. From the greenest green to the truest blue, you’ll find that variety does add spice to life.

When you start with an eye exam at our licensed Optometrist next door, your contact lenses will be fit according to your prescription, eye shape and any special conditions, including Astigmatism or even multi-focal needs. Ask Dr. Roxanne Jubenville or Associates about which contacts would be best for you and your lifestyle.

Living free of eye glasses is just a phone call away, so why not book an eye exam or consult today? Call: 519-252-6555. (Thursday evening appointments available).