Optometrist Windsor

Optometrist Windsor

Whether it’s time for your annual eye exam or you’re searching for a qualified optometrist in Windsor who treats eye disease and illness, you’ll find Union Vision Center an excellent place to begin your journey. You may have thought of us as merely an eyeglass and contact lens store- but we’re much more than just a place to find great frames or a comfortable contact fit. Our optometrist can answer all of your questions, provide a comprehensive examination, and screen for many types of eye health issues. We think we’re the right choice for your eye care needs.

Do I Need to See an Optometrist?

Everyone over the age of 18 should see an eye doctor annually. Children and teenagers should see an eye doctor at recommended intervals, typically every 2-5 years, depending on their last exam’s results. If it’s been some time since your last exam, it’s a good time to schedule one with Union Vision Center’s optometrist in Windsor. A lot can happen in a year- you may need vision correction without even knowing so. Get into the habit of seeing our eye doctor the week before your birthday as a reminder that it’s time to check your vision- or choose a memorable date you can easily remember each year.

Will I Need Glasses?

Only a comprehensive eye exam can determine whether you’ll need vision correction, but eyeglasses are only one of the many options available to you if you need help seeing clearly close up and at a distance. If you’re worried about wearing glasses, contact lenses are always an option, and can offer more freedom, especially if you alternate contacts with eyeglasses. LASIK surgery can often eliminate the need for daily vision correction methods- we can help you take a closer look at all of your options, should you require vision correction.

How Do I Choose the Right Optometrist?

Look for an eye doctor who treats you like a patient rather than a customer who might purchase glasses or contacts. If you’re just a customer, it’s going to be difficult to trust the results of your eye exam. At Union Vision Center, your eye health is our one-and-only concern. If your exam results show that you need vision correction, rest easy knowing we’ll come alongside you and help you make the decision that’s right for your eye care needs. We’ll provide you with your prescription that you’re free to take to any eyeglass and contact lens store.

The Right Optometrist in Windsor

We’re home to one of the largest eyeglass frame inventories in all of Windsor, so you’ll always find the perfect frames in our store. If you need eyeglasses, spend some time browsing our men’s, women’s, or children’s frames- and bring along a friend or family member who can offer an honest opinion. We carry frames to bring out your silly side, your more serious side, or a side of you unknown up until now.

Optometrist Windsor
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Optometrist Windsor