Eye Exams Windsor

Eye Exams Windsor

Locals rely on Union Vision Center for thorough eye exams in Windsor. Many eyeglass and contact lens centers throughout the community offer eye exams, but when you want a comprehensive eye test, you'll find we are the right eye care facility to meet your needs. You’ll receive an exact prescription so that you can choose attractive eyeglasses, RX sunglasses, or contacts for a comfortable fit. Schedule your next eye exam at our convenient location and save money without sacrificing the quality of services.

Will I Need to Wear Eye Glasses?

If you suspect you need glasses, it’s important to see an optometrist as soon as possible to confirm your suspicions. At Union Vision Center, we make it easy to schedule eye exams in Windsor- just call our office or book your exam through our website; it takes just a minute to get on track for 20/20 vision. If your exam concludes that you need assistance to see correctly, you have many options available to you:

  • Prescription Eye Glasses
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Prescription Safety Glasses
  • Prescription Glasses for Kids of All Ages
  • LASIK consultations

How Long Will I Have to Wait For My Glasses?

Since Union Vision Center has an on-site lens crafting facility, we can offer a speedy turnaround- sometimes on the same day you come in. Every situation is different and every prescription is unique in the challenge it affords, so we work on a case-by-case basis according to your needs. We craft precision lenses of various strengths and types, including:

  • Single Vision
  • Bifocals
  • Invisible Bifocals
  • Ultra-Thin Lenses
  • Transitional lenses
  • Contacts
  • RX Sunglasses

Additional Services

Your eye health is our top priority, which is why we’ll look for ways to correct your vision, as well as severe eye diseases that require immediate attention. We take our responsibility to your eye care seriously at Union Vision Center, which is why we believe great vision starts with thorough eye exams in Windsor in our office. We’re conveniently located on Tecumseh Rd. E to ensure you have access to quality care in close proximity to popular shopping centers and entertainment.

Fashion Eyewear

We think the best part of picking out new eyeglasses is selecting the right frames. We carry an exhaustive selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ frames to suit every mood and occasion. Come in an take a look at our frames- there’s no obligation to browse. We’re confident you'll find the perfect eyeglass frames at Union Vision Center.

Discreet Contacts

Glasses are not right for everyone, which is why we offer the option of discreet vision correction at Union Vision Center. Choose from daily or extended-wear soft contact lenses, rigid contacts, or disposable lenses, depending on your needs. New color-changing contacts offer eye enhancement and can make you feel more attractive- even if you don’t need vision correction.

We offer affordable eye exams in Windsor as the first step along the journey to perfect vision and eye health. Call to schedule a consultation or exam- you’ll be glad you did!

Eye Exams Windsor
Union Vision Center
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Eye Exams Windsor