Contact Lenses Windsor

Contact Lenses Windsor

Whether you’re a first-time contact lens wearer or you’ve been wearing them for years and are searching for a better price, you’ll find Union Vision Center can meet your needs in a way that fits your budget. As a contact lens wearer, you naturally have concerns about eye health and comfort- we recommend scheduling a consultation with our staff and a thorough eye exam as the starting point in choosing new contacts. Trust us for your contact lenses in Windsor.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

If you're like a lot of people who are looking at options to correct vision, you’re probably wondering about the pros and cons of wearing contacts. The good news is there are many advantages of contact lenses over eyeglasses, with few concerns to worry about. While it’s important that you speak with your optometrist to determine the right vision correction method, there is much for you to consider while you contemplate your choice. Just a few of the many benefits of contacts include:

  • A more natural field of vision, compared with eyeglasses. Contacts move with your eye and there are no frames to obstruct vision.
  • Keeping your contacts clean is much easier than continually cleaning your glasses- you won’t have to worry about contacts fogging up or rain impeding your view.
  • Superior comfort for all-day wear, compared with eyeglasses that require constant adjustment.
  • Less likelihood that your contact lenses will get lost compared with glasses that need attention throughout the day.
  • Eyeglasses break easily and often need adjustments and repairs. Contact lenses are easier to care for.
  • Contacts make sports activity more enjoyable and are also ideal for working out.
  • Enjoy a more natural appearance without glasses frames getting between you and life.

Why Should I Choose Contact Lenses?

You’ll notice superior vision with contacts in comparison with eyeglasses. Our team from Union Vision Center can assist you in selecting the right contact lenses in Windsor- we have many options available, including rigid contacts, disposable lenses, daily contacts, and extended-wear contacts. You may have heard about contacts that enhance or change your eye color- we have those options available, as well. Rest easy knowing we’ll work closely with you to ensure a comfortable fit and exceptional vision correction.

Start With a Thorough Eye Exam

See our optometrist at Union Vision Center for an eye exam that will ensure a correct prescription for contact lenses. If you change your mind and decide on eyeglasses, your RX provided will help us deliver the same quality results. We have one of the largest men’s, women’s, and children’s frame selections in the region, so you’re sure to find frames that are attractive and comfortable.

Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses in Windsor

Your eye health is important to our staff at Union Vision Center. See us on an annual basis to make certain your contact lenses or eyeglasses continue to provide clear vision and maintain optimum eye health year after year.

Contact Lenses Windsor
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Contact Lenses Windsor